Un adolescent agresse un de ses camarades de classe


Poor mental health is closely related with academic underachievement. If the mental health problem is not recognized, academic performance suffers, jeopardizing the child’s future.


While no one wants to be overzealous in labeling children, one does not want to ignore significant mental health problems. Under-identification or misidentification makes it less likely that such children will get the help they need.

School and mental health

The school environment favors the identification of disruptive behavioral problems. Dominic promotes a more balanced perspective on children. A case in point is the high number of children deemed hyperactive in the school environment. Dominic often reveals that the child suffers from anxiety disorder.

School in the community

Schools’ mission is to teach, but schools also serve as a key link to organizing community-based mental health care for children and adolescents. For at-school mental health assessment, Dominic is easy to use, fast, cost-efficient and students can quickly be referred to appropriate resources.