Overview of Dominic

Dominic depicts children’s emotions and reactions using the video game format.  Dominic helps understand our children’s wellbeing and difficulties.

Mental health

Whether we are troubled or beaming, our emotional make-up is set up during childhood and adolescence.

About 80 % of children are fine, 15 % need some help and 5 % are challenged.

With prevention in mind

The foundations of emotional life are laid while we are young.  Feelings come first and determine children’s future.

Dominic looks into children/adolescents emotional and behavioral development and spots “Tendencies” before they become detrimental.


Dominic identifies most common issues. It shows whether a problem is likely or not, or if the kid is at risk.


Dominic was developed in Quebec. The version for ages 6–11 has been translated into 12 languages. The adolescent version is available for the time being in French and English.


We rely on over 40 years of experience and scientific research into child and adolescent mental health, and wellbeing.